One of the many things I love about endurance training is the time we have to ourselves. Time to feel our body working hard, enjoy the environment around us and let our thoughts wander in and out. Today while riding long, I was thinking about the process. We all work hard; but I know for me, there are times I feel more motivated than others. This year has been challenging as it hasn’t been a smooth ‘flow’ of train-race-recover-repeat.  When the body doesn’t fully cooperate, it’s easy to lose some motivation. However, I often find that it’s during times of adversity and setbacks that I’m forced to ask myself why I’m doing it, why it matters, and how much I’m willing to do to get back to where I want to be. Call me crazy but, I tend to embrace these challenges as much as a hard session or a competition.



I often find when I’m struggling to digest my feelings after a race, it’s best to write and just be honest; with myself and with the world of my friends, family and fellow tri-people. It seems in this world we live in, we love to broadcast of all the great; social media allows us to put out the persona we choose, to make our life look to be ‘something’ that it may or may not be. But we often post what is appealing, positive, and feel-good inducing. I tend to prefer to talk to people personally, and I like to communicate what is “real” as much as possible.


IMTX 2016: We All Get Stopped

Ironman Texas 2016: The Race that Didn’t Want to Happen. But we, as humans, triathletes, and Ironpeople…we were determined to make it happen. First it was the bike course that we didn’t have finalized, but then two weeks out, we did! Next it was the water in the lake; high E. Coli levels forced a change of course only 2 days before the event. No worries. Lake Woodlands was the perfect size for an out and back swim course, and nixing the poop canal was no problem. The gun sounded on a beautiful race morning, and all went off without a hitch. Despite some fog on the swim, the adjusted course was great. We had to make some turns on the bike, but I along with many others quite enjoyed the new route. And the run. What can go wrong there? Ah yes, Mother Nature…she can always strike! And that she did; throwing an unbelievable storm complete with hail, lightening and torrential rains on the final hours of the race.


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