Hard Training and Never Summer Ale

Nothing too exciting to report, today was a good Monday. I am trying to pack in some good, hard training before we leave for South Carolina on Thursday for Derick’s (twin) sister Kristin’s wedding on Saturday. I know that I will stress out if I can only run and I don’t feel I have done enough swimming and cycling this week, so I will ease my worries by pounding myself early in the week: Mon = Hard Swim/Hard Bike, Tues = Track Run/Hard Bike, Wed = Hard Swim/Longer Easy Bike.

The wedding will be a fun time, I got a DRESS on Saturday for it…a very pretty and somewhat pricey dress at that. Today, I did a trainer ride this morning which was somewhat tough as I usually take Mondays easy, no ‘legs’, only a swim. I could definitely feel yesterday’s long run. I then did a swim at Big Stacy pool, and I did 5,000 meters! I NEVER DO 5k. I have this ‘thing’ whereby I feel like at the 4,000 meter mark, I just ‘should’ get out. Enough. But today I was feeling pretty good and the time went by quickly. I am about to enjoy some salad and a BBQ chicken pizza. I could not live without pizza, it is a staple in this house. And of course, I am enjoying some New Belgium Beer…their seasonal, called ‘Never Summer Ale.’ (I apologize, but it is not on their website! Seems they skip from Summer’s Skinny Dip to Winters 2 dare they)…It is THE BEST. I am such a fan of good beers, leading into the question I will leave you with (if there is anyone out there reading this…)

If you could only have one for the rest of your life, which would it be…Coffee or Beer?

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