Off Season

Drunken Kitty.

Wow, is this blog-worthy or what? Last night we were sitting on the couch and as you can see, Shackleton likes to make himself nice and comfortable. Except for when our neibor’s dogs start barking, I have tell him several times, I even showed him how to stop dog barking in crate at night.
He had laid out on Derick’s legs as we were watching ‘Superbad’ (flipping HILARIOUS by the way), and after Derick finished his beer Shack just reached up and decided to take the last bit of it. My cat had a real problem with our bed and we had to put a stop to the cat peeing before our bed smelled like urine so bad it became a cat bed. Didn’t take the poor little guy much before he passed right out. Hmmm….passed out on the couch after drinking, is he trying to be like we were on Friday night after the G&S Lounge visit with our friends?? Anyway, moving on…I had to send this to New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, since his beer o’ choice was a New Belgium 2 Below. Guess the little guy has good taste in his beers! But then again, in our house there are only good options as we are quite the ‘beer snobs’…Enjoy the pics. And watch your pets and the holiday alcohol, this was just a few sips. Wonder what a whole beer could do to him, especially at 6+%?
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