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Wedding Weekend!

We got back on Monday, far far too early…from what could not have been a better weekend. The family, friends and ‘events’ were just perfect. My sisters and I had a little ‘girls evening’ on Thursday, as I drove up to Indy and we had pedicures and drinks/apps (‘Beautiful Girls’ reference there), which was great to catch up with them. I woke up a bit foggy Friday AM (this became a regular thing the next 3 days!) and drove to Trafalgar, where I met my mom, Aunt Sandy, Derick’s mom Donna, his twin sister Kristin, my sisters Cori and Robin and good friend Laura all at ‘Muddy Boots’ cafe for a brunch. They gave me little gifts (which turned out to be Wooden Rings) that I was embarassed to open at a coffee shop and we ate some good food…I think 1/2 of us had the grilled cheese. Then Friday was the ‘No-Rehearsal’ Dinner at my parents place (as we did not ‘rehearse’ anything…what’s there to practice?) which went into the wee hours of morning, as Martha Berner got out her guitar and we all sat around the campfire, drinkin’ and talkin’. Saturday was busy but fun, I got up for a solo-run (just 40 min or so) and then made some eggs. I figured I may not eat much as the day went on and I did not want to be a sloppy, drunken bride! ha! Myself and my bridesmaids (Robin, Cori, Emily and Laura) got our hair done at the only place in Trafalgar (‘The Place for Hair’) where they did an incredible job. Then it was off for the big event! The Story Inn was stunning, the weather was perfect and it turned out better than I had imagined….thank you so much to everyone who came to be there, it would not have been the same without you. Now back to ‘real life’, as I said, far too early…but with so many good things ahead moving forward…

Now for some pictures! Enjoy. 🙂
~ Kelly Marie Williamson

…this was at the bar, late late at night…notice Derick drinking water at this point? Um, I was too. And the one a couple above is when our friend Jonathon Vetato ‘brought the flowers’ to us (our boquets) to the room…it was so good to see him, has to be one of the nicest and most fun people you’d ever meet. And he has a beautiful 8-month old named ‘Rowan’. Good times, good times…

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