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One Last Hurrah for ’08…

After a week of some ups and downs, I’ll pack up for Clearwater tomorrow. I got ‘hit’ with a very odd sore throat about a week ago. My friend Desiree and I had planned a Polvos Night (my favorite Mexican restaurant nearby, walk there…stumble home) on Thursday and I felt like crap walking down there. Which is odd because typically margaritas and good company make Kelly HAPPY. Needless to say we had a great alcohol-laden evening, however a bad sore throat and some fatigue just persisted for a few days. I trucked on through the weekend but scaled everything back, being a good tapering girl, but the sore throat kept getting worse. It felt like I had swallowed a tortilla chip that scratched the entire right side of my throat. Strange.

On Monday I went to the doctor (after which some severe frustration ensued, due to the bill…) but they said it seemed viral vs. bacterial and would likely clear up soon. Much to my surprise, this evening it is feeing a bit better and I even had a semi-solid run. So; decision had to be made, we’ll give it a go! Originally I thought “If I cannot go and be in the condition to put up a solid PR, I’ll bail” knowing I have done this race 2x and am not going ‘just to go’. But you know, we never ever know how we’ll feel come race day, no matter how well things go heading into it…

I think I just worry that if I bailed and felt great by Friday, I’d regret it. So I have to go into it with big but realistic expectations! I think I can do that. My mom said to me (as my parents will meet me there, kind of a tradition for this race, a good reason for them to escape Indiana for a few days), “Kelly you better not be pissed if you don’t do well!” She is right; she is good to keep me ‘honest’, but in all reality, there is a bigger picture…

I have had a great year of racing (that started in February), have enjoyed it all and feel blessed with some big successes. Even more importantly, in September I married the man I have been with for 5 years now…and 2 years ago, that was something I was not sure would happen! So life is very good, and I have everything to be thankful for. If this race goes as good as I’d like it to, just a bit more icing on the cake.

…That being said, I DO like icing… 🙂
Thanks for reading and Happy November! Best time of the year.

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