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Pictures from Eagleman/Cambridge Trip

Courtesy of my dad, Charlie Handel. They are a bit late, but better late than never, right? I rarely have a multitude of pictures from races, because I am not a picture taker. So even if I have family there, I never hand them a camera and say ‘here take pictures of me’. So it is fun when my dad is out there because he is quite the camera-man. The above is a great picture of Derick; we were roaming around downtown Cambridge the night before the race and there was some street-fest. He didn’t like the rule here. But, no need to worry! We found a little boutique beforehand where I tried on dresses (see below), and they were serving free wine! YAY! Good in my opinion to have a bit pre-race night. Relaxes the jitters and makes you a bit sleepy….
We were also so fortunate to spend time with my dad’s brother (Tom Handel) and his family in Annapolis. They took us to a REAL seafood dinner on Sunday night! Very fun trip overall… Enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by…

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