Update from Coeur d’Alene

It’s been a unique 6 weeks since Ironman Texas. While that race was one of the most memorable of my entire career, I was in a position whereby it put me ‘on a bubble’ so to speak to get to Ironman Hawaii. We knew this going into it, unless I had a great day, Kona wouldn’t happen. If I had a top finish, it was possible; but not without another Ironman. Soon after the race, Derick and I were talking about how to best prepare me for Ironman Coeur d’Alene. It was the ‘back up’ race we had discussed before Texas, to give me an opportunity to get the points necessary for early Kona qualification. So while many friends asked if I was ‘on Cloud 9’ the past few weeks, while I basked in the glow of a successful performance as much as I was able, I soon had to refocus and get back to work for this weekend.

The past weeks looked something like 2 weeks easy/recovery (or more like 2.5, including a trip to my parents in the country; rope swinging, wine drinking, a little lake swimming and running), followed by about 14 days of solid structured training (with some workouts pulled into the mix from the Texas prep), followed again by a 10 day taper(ish). While the task seemed a bit daunting at first, I feel like we did a good job hitting proper recovery, nailing a few key workouts (some open to interpretation based on how I felt on the day, which I think is pretty important between two Ironmans), and keeping the body working smoothly.

Which brings us to today, as we’re settled nicely in Coeur d’Alene. We arrived Tuesday, a bit early so I could get on the course. We are staying with an awesome couple in a beautiful house right off of the Spokane River; just a few miles from the race site. The views here are amazing, and it is almost too easy to forget that I’m here to do a job. There has been plenty of R&R but it was good to head down today to check in and swim in the venue, and it’ll be good tomorrow to do some social events with sponsors.

All in all, I feel good, fairly relaxed and excited to see what the body will have in store for me this weekend. I’m thrilled that we were able to get the Felt IA all dialed in recently; but I have to remember, unfortunately, the bike won’t ride itself! While the field here is small (I believe 9-10 women), as I have said before, no race is ever easy. It is a long day and a lot can happen out there. I am trying to stay focused on the process; my race, what I can control, and making smart decisions out there. I hope that I’m firing on all cylinders as I was a few weeks back, but one thing Derick always reminds me of is that even on tough training days, we can manage to put together workouts that surprise us. So whether the body feels incredible or I have to dig deeper and fight harder for the miles, no doubt I’ll give it all I’ve got regardless; and remember to look around a few times, as there are few courses that compare the beauty here in CdA. This was my first Ironman in 2010, so it holds a pretty special place.

Thanks for all the support, and we’ll see you at the finish!

Boat Barn Bike


CDA Beer Deck


20140626_105320 (1)

Kelly Barn Riding

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gorgeous photos and race venue- CdA is definitely on my bucket list of races! and I like the look of that lake- no weeds & clean water. sending you lots of cheers- you will rock it!

You’ll kick butt Kelly, no matter where you place. Though I am of course, cheering you for a first place finish!
If you make it over to the Seattle area after the race, let me know. I’ll tell you all the fun things to do. I’m in Seattle for a couple more weeks myself and hoping to get some open water swims in while I’m here.

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