Kansas 5150: It’s How you Deal With It

‘You have to believe in yourself and with that comes the results. I am normally pretty consistent. But I’ve had many a lousy day. Shit happens. It’s how you deal with it, ya know?” (Tim Don)


Many thanks to Tim Don for saying this. While racing Kansas 5150 today, this quote popped into my head. I love the honesty and candidness of it; but also the truth. So when I realized that it was not to be a stellar day for me, I decided well before I crossed the line that it I would not dwell on it or overthink it; shit happens, and the opportunity lies in what you do with the shit.

The past few weeks entailed a very light/off week after Coeur d’Alene, followed by a moderate but still unstructured week, followed then by a week in Bozeman, Montana with Derick’s family. Each one slightly built upon the last but nothing was hard or long. I did do a couple of 3-hr rides in Montana, only because it was a way to enjoy the amazing surroundings. I opted to do Kansas 5150 after CdA as we knew that it would give me a shot of doing HyVee 5150 Champs. While expectations should have been conservative, I was excited at the chance to get out and see what I could try to pop off after focusing on LONG the past 2 months. I truthfully thought I would manage a pretty solid race. But did I really believe in myself that I would? I’m not so sure of that. I’ve found that you cannot force or fake ‘belief’…that comes with preparation and it comes from within.

We started the swim and I ‘believed’ that I’d struggle to hang onto the front pack, which oddly enough is exactly what I did. Is it because I didn’t believe in myself? Perhaps, or more likely it was just the fact that I’ve done very little hard swimming and I needed a good wakeup call! I exited the swim in 5th or so and got aboard my Felt IA, stoked to hammer the hell out of an hour of riding. I passed a couple of girls the first few miles, only to get re-passed a few miles later by one. The legs started out feeling decent but as I tried to push harder, they didn’t want to respond. I tried to stay positive but by the end, I found myself trying to coast a bit and spin them out to prepare for the run, as they felt pretty loaded. Onto the run and I told myself to go for broke, nothing to lose…but even a short 10k just felt a bit forced. Not terrible, but not zippy. In the end, I crossed in 5th place. While I knew realistically I should not have expected myself to go out and win the thing, truthfully, that is always the goal; I figure you’ll never win if you don’t shoot for it. But in hindsight, I’m not sure I really had the belief that I was capable of keeping it in high gear for 2 straight hours today.

I think it has come with many years of being an athlete, maybe a little athletic maturity, but I’ll write this one off as a good jump start back into training after a bit of a mid-season break, learn from it…use some SRM power data as markers for the next few months of training, and do some work on my swim that I know I have been needing to do… but ultimately let it roll off my shoulder. We have good days, and we have less good ones. But the one thing I don’t want to do is bail out and not know what I may have been capable of on any given day. I’m glad I got out there, mixed it up, and know where things are at the moment. Good or bad, I don’t like to hide from the truth.

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