Thursday, Final Paddle: A Compass, Hammocking + Dreaming of Beer

I started this day with mixed emotions. While I was grateful that we were humming along with a picture perfect, smooth sailing trip so far, I was already sad with the realization that this was our last full day on the water. There is something about being completely disconnected; experiencing solitude with nature, truly connecting with others; hour after hour paddling in a world of simplicity and beauty; it grows on you. A Monday to Friday trip really didn’t feel like it was quite enough. When we set out (four days ago, the last time we had any access to a ‘weather forecast’ aside from our reading the skies each night), rain was strongly predicted Thursday so I was thankful to wake up to another blue sky sunrise and the sight of a peaceful lake. Being out here, we had no way to know what the ‘forecast’ was. It makes you realize how life was far before the luxuries we have today, in a world of ‘just Google it’. I guess in an earlier time, it was ‘figure it out’. Use your brain and common sense. Crazy concept.


Wednesday: A Day to Chill

Boundary Waters, Day 4: Wednesday

Today was our one “non paddle to make ground” day! Any paddling that may happen today was simply for fishing or exploring. It was pretty nice to set up camp Tuesday and make ourselves at home, knowing we wouldn’t be up and moving again for 2 nights. It also left me feeling a bit sad, knowing how much I was really enjoying the solitude of paddling and feeling of accomplishment each day that we covered new ground, passed the miles and entered different lakes.


Tuesday: Portaging, Cigars & Heroes

Boundary Waters, Day 3: Tuesday

Today was planned to be a longer day. We awoke about 7am, enjoyed our usual breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and cleaned up the campsite, pushing out by 9am. We were greeted with beautifully calm waters! A welcome sight considering the day prior. We headed back to our ‘island overlook’ at the large crossing of Sea Gull Lake to see no white caps, which was awesome. Smooth sailing.


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