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Tuesday: Portaging, Cigars & Heroes

Boundary Waters, Day 3: Tuesday

Today was planned to be a longer day. We awoke about 7am, enjoyed our usual breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and cleaned up the campsite, pushing out by 9am. We were greeted with beautifully calm waters! A welcome sight considering the day prior. We headed back to our ‘island overlook’ at the large crossing of Sea Gull Lake to see no white caps, which was awesome. Smooth sailing.

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Shifting the Sails

“I don’t want the journey to be easy, I only want it to be worth it.”

When is the right time to walk away from something you love?

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Judge Less, Seek Happy; Live More

We live in a world which rewards success to varying degrees. Aim high, dream big, and achieve it all. It is great to have goals in life; figure out what makes you happy, what makes you tick; create a plan to best achieve what will fulfill you. I’ll support this ideal to no end. If something intrigues you, no matter how daunting it may be; if your heart is in it, go for it. There are few things in life that feel better than accomplishing something we weren’t sure we could after days, months, years of perseverance. I’ve always believed; the longer the journey, the greater obstacles overcome, the sweeter the taste of triumph.