Don’t Go Too Long Too Soon

Written by: Kelly Williamson for

June 17, 2015

IMTX | Kelly Williamson

Kelly Williamson & Amico | Multiple Ironman Champion and her Nulo Dog

Kelly Williamson: Chipping Away at the Triathlon Dream

Written By: Julia Polloreno

Apr 3, 2013

Should Runners Have Beer Sponsors?-Women’s Running

One triathlete let her favorite post-run bevvie become a sponsor.

Post-Texas 70.3 Interview with Winner Kelly Williamson-By Steve Godwin

Kelly Williamson is Even Faster

Written By: Timothy Carlson

Thu Mar 22 2012


Kelly Williamson’s Upward Trajectory

Written By: Timothy Carlson

Wed Apr 27 2011

Kelly Williamson Wins 2012 Ironman 70.3 Texas (Post Race Interview)

Dell Promo Video

Triathlete Magazine Ironman Texas 70.3 US Pro Champs Pre Race

Ironman Texas 703 Transition Swim to Bike

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Not sure if you have seen the new fantasy triathlon that, has been putting on, but we are looking for some professional triathletes input and quotes they might have about the races. Our spin off on a pre race overview.

Was wondering if you had some time to give a brief quote for the fantasy triathlon video myself and @emilycocks do for

If you have a minute to give a sound bite for Racine that would be great, the number to call, and leave a voice message is 8325104491. That is a USA number, if that does not work, you can email me an audio clip or just type out a quote. We also sat down and did skype last week with a few others, we can schedule a time and myself or Emily can do that too.

You can check out last weeks fantasy videos here,

Thanks for the time and help! Have a great race!

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